The Project

Innovate NFT Utility.

Galaxii Online is a set of 5 tribes that are inspired by the team's love for collecting Pokémon cards.

Each collectible tribe is a total supply of 1,111 sci-fi creatures and is inspired by their own story:


  1. Guu

  2. Mibu

  3. Sentinel

  4. Fuldborg

  5. Fëliani


For over 12 months we have been designing and modelling the 3D characters and their assets by hand. 

We then programatically generate the randomizations to ensure no duplicates are created.

Future release items include:

  • Mobile P2E Game (In Progess)

  • Merch (In Progress)

  • Ecosystem Coin & Staking

Please click to read the WHITEPAPER for more information.




A project that leads.

We set out to find the best artists- and we found them! Artists from The Simpsons, Family Guy, Assassin's Creed, and skin developers from Season 10 Fortnite have come together to flex their skills in the metaverse.

Update: We have acquired 2 plots on LeapN Verse, 2 plots on Substrata, 2 Plots on Metagascar, and plan to purchase additional plots with other developers to give our holders options. 





At time of inception our team recognized a lack of utility existing in the NFT space.


Galaxii Online was created to provide a high quality product paired with utility for both investors and gamers.


Our team understood that some collectors prefer to hold their tokens and not participate in the gamification aspect, while others are very committed to the time investment in a gaming ecosystem. This project intended to satisfy both of those needs.


Current Collaboration: SuperYeti


Go check out the SnoDemon Hoverboard. That's all we are going to say for now...


Galaxii Online | STORYLINE

"It is the year 2085 and Earth has become uninhabitable. With the Ozone layer depleted, temperatures rising, and food scarce - Humans take to the solar system and begin searching for a new home. System failure forces the ship to land on a planet they call ERC-X; a planet of both scorching heat and sub-zero temperatures.

Upon arrival they begin to find a location for colonization; completely unaware that eggs, all unique in their own way, lie where the two extreme weather patterns meet.

They're not alone..."


1 | Launch Galaxii Blueprint 

Reveal Collabs and Mint Date

2 | Launch Drop #1

555 NFTs Lootboxes

Rare, Ultra Rare, Legendary

Can be traded for eggs or held for long term rewards.


2.5 | Purchase Metaverse Plot

Acquire land for future development.


3 | Website V2.0


4 | Drop #2 - JULY 2022

-5,555 Avatars.

-5 Tribes of 1,111 characters with unique traits.

4.5 | Begin world development

Begin development of metaverse world in collaboration with Miguel Lopez (previously a Simpsons and Family Guy artist.


5 | Begin Design and Development of Mobile Game

A P2E mobile game with simple mechanics to bring in new community members and reward our current members. Achievements provided as NFTs and those who beat the game will be provided a token that provides access to our metaverse scavenger hunt world.


5.5 | Updated HQ NFT Images

We will programatically generate our combinations and then update each image manually to add lighting and shadows, depth, placement to give that luxury feel.

5.75 | Utility Token

Coin for use in our P2E ecosystem

6 | Staking

We are exploring the utility of staking and renting your characters to others. This would allow the investor to earn while the renter plays with the character. Details to follow.

7+ | Galaxii Collabs & Onwards

-Collabs with other brands and artists.

-Ongoing project development to increase utility in-game and out-of-game.

-Current Collab Established with Super Yeti


Who Is Behind Galaxii?

The founder, Jordan Campbell, currently owns two local businesses and is respected within the business community. Bringing experience in branding, product design, and manufacturing; you will see this project be nothing short of quality with a high attention to detail. This is a passion project with with a growing team who have a goal of pushing boundaries for the utility of NFTs. 


Jordan has been working alongside GORILLA Enterprises which was founded in 1992 by Miguel GORILLA Lopez former animator and character designer for The Simpsons & Family Guy and creator of the international vintage 90's fashion line "HUANGO Wear".


In 2004 Artist Megan Nicole McKinney was brought onboard as Gorilla’s business partner and CEO of GORILLA Enterprises. Not only has her contributions to the company with her skills in: design, photography, writing, directing, and editing, but also her savvy business abilities and her eye for detail has kept GORILLA Enterprises a successful entity.


Meggy & Gorilla have been pivotal to the development of Galaxii Online by utilizing their animation experience to construct the Galaxii storyline, as well as creating new characters and game designs.


Guenrij (Lead 3D Artist)

The fearless leader of our amazing 3D artists. Passionate about gaming and organized vision boards. 

Simon (Storyteller)

A Writer who loves playing D&D, gaming and working in pajamas.

Esteban (Character Modeller)

A 3D designer who really enjoys a good cold beer, and loves playing soccer.


Marlon (Character Modeller)

A 3d designer who loves spending long hours inside 3d programs. Likes: Animate movies, 3d sculpting, go running, cats.

Oliver (Trait Modeller)

A 3d artist trained in the ancient art of the "no sleeping" technique, also likes videogames and anime. XD

Anthony (Trait Modeller)

A 3d artist passionate about gaming and art.

49 (1).png

John (Managing Partner)


Just a dude from Texas who has been in retail management for over 30 years and has a desire to transition that into web3. 

Elijah (Community Experience)

An IRL Land Surveryor and degen NFT addict diamond-handing Galaxii.

Arthur (Discord Manager)

A college student making a splash in the NFT space. A welcoming smile in our community.


George (Developer)


8+ years in crypto and has been building NFT marketplaces, mint contracts, and front end UI/UX for years.

Ali (Game Designer)

20+ years in game design with a proven record of success being involved with mobile games that have sold over 8M copies.

Mike (Game Programmer)

Passionate about mobile games and nostalgic about retro games. 

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