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It's about the community

Unlike many projects, there will be no rarity rating on characters. We want you here because you believe in the project and love the art. It's important to us that the community decides which unique items they like the most and which collection of characters they want to identify with! 

Our goal is to work with Snapchat, IG, Twitter, and other social platforms so that you can show off your collection items and truly share your identity!

Mobile Phone





We have all seen the trend evolve of projects appearing on the market to try and turn a short term profit. The secret to a successful project? Long term value and a strong community. This is a project we want to thrive for many years. We want to see you holding our NFTs 50 years from now, with the same passion as today.

Drop #1


Our First drop will be a total of 500 short videos of REAL micro-organisms found in local water sources. Working with a scientist, we have created a launch that will stand out. A way to truly kick off the PRJKT. 

  • QTY: 500

  • Price: 0.075 ETH

  • You will be able to trade in your first drop NFT for any future drop. 

  • 2.5% of initial sales go to providing clean water in Africa.

  • 1 NFT will be held for the scientist who helped create these videos during her busy school term.

  • 24 NFTs will be held by NKD EYE to reward those who actively market and participate on discord. 

  • First drop price is 0.075 ETH and no future drop will be lower priced. This is our thank-you for early backing.

Drop #2 and Ongoing...


Our second Drop will consist of 10,000 3D Animated Characters from the planet ERC-721. Each holder will have an opportunity to claim a real pair of NKD EYE PRJKT ski goggles ONCE. The combination of second and third drop will begin game development. You will only be able to access the levels associated with specific character traits. What this means is that in order to beat the game you will need to buy and sell characters to unlock those respective levels. Hidden within those unlocked levels will be ETH rewards to help you purchase your next set of levels. Okay, now you're wondering why you would even bother trying to beat the game. Once you've beaten the game you will have VIP access to events, parties, and we have plans to acquire a property for you to have an opportunity to book for a vacation stay once you've achieved VIP access.

Owning an NFT

San Francisco, CA

By having ownership of an NFT in the PRJKT you will be provided unique opportunities to apply for tuition scholarships, be randomly rewarded paid vacations, plant trees and get paid. 

Physical Rewards

San Francisco, CA

We will be providing surprise rewards to holders like 1oz pure gold coins, a chance to claim a pair of ski goggles with Bigfeet on them, and other swag only available to NFT holders. As the project continues to grow, so will the surprise rewards!

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