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NFT Calendar Interview

Interviewer: We see an egg-shaped structure and a toad. You are raising curiosity. What is the NFT? How do you plan to portray the NKD EYE to the world?

Jordan: The NKD EYE PRJKT is a bit of a metaphor. Originally the name was born from the fascination of micro-organisms and to see these little creatures we have to use a microscope. I wanted this project to be a reminder that when you see the characters with “your naked eye”, you know that there is a deeper utility associated and trust that the team is doing things that you can’t see..just like those little micro-organisms.

As mentioned below, there are 5 tribes. When you decide to mint a character, you will choose the tribe you want by choosing the associated egg. Once all 5555 eggs are minted, the eggs will hatch and reveal your tribe character with its assets. 

We wanted the characters to feel like trophies. When designing the NFTs we were imagining what they would look like as digital art on the wall or as your phone wallpaper. The details put into the characters were discussed for weeks and we can’t wait to hear everyone’s thoughts upon release. 











Interviewer: Consequently, the NFTs will provide access to an arcade-based VR game. Please briefly introduce us to the game idea and NFT workings within it?

Jordan: That’s correct. VR has always been our vision, but with the growing interest of AR and metaverse worlds we don’t want to be restricted to a specific medium. We are committing to doing something amazing, but sometimes that means not having set parameters right away. What we know is the VR/AR world is evolving so quickly that we want to be at the front of the pack when the transition happens. So we are keeping our eyes and ears open for the best opportunities that will provide the greatest utility for our holders. 

Interviewer: NKD EYE NFTs are collaborating with quite a few known projects. What is the idea behind such collaborations? Is it simply marketing or something else?  

Jordan: These collaborations are much more than marketing. The idea is to collaborate rather than to compete. It is evident that the market is saturated with many projects promising many things. The value of having these collaborations is that we get to have conversations with project founders directly and bring additional value to both our community and their community. We really want to give people an opportunity to get to know one another in this space. We’ve been welcomed with open arms since jumping into crypto and NFTs so we want others to experience a similar feeling. 

Interviewer: How does the Tribe vs Tribe Metaverse work? What functioning with NKD EYE NFTs would facilitate the development of the platform?

Jordan: The idea behind tribe vs tribe was that we wanted people to be able to identify with the tribe that speaks to them the most. In addition, we plan to give different characters different abilities within the Metaverse and game. As players are competing against one-another or against other projects that we have given access to, they can upgrade the traits to their own character. 

Currently we plan to build on LeapN due to the higher quality of their platform, but also have plans to purchase worlds in other locations like sandbox or somnium, etc. The developers at LeapN have been great to work with and although the platform is not yet ready, we are confident it will be one to contend with.










Interviewer: NKD EYE NFT investors buy artwork when they buy the NFT. These NFTs then work as game characters for long-term holders. What are the other rewards that come during the holding period for the long-term investors of NKD EYE NFT?

Jordan: Long term holders will receive in-game assets, trait drops, wearables, real branded clothing, collabs, and exclusive access to our metaverse worlds and digital offerings. We are “cross-pollinating" with an artist who used to work for The Simpsons and Family Guy. Through many discussions with him, I can say that we will be providing some very unique and personalized rewards for our holders as well as our community having access to his very elaborate metaverse. 

I continue to repeat one thing over and over; "Good things take time.” Everyone wants things fast, but I guarantee that this will be worth being patient and growing an organic community. 

Interviewer: Furthermore, you are releasing the NFT in many phases? What is the reason behind it? How is each drop different from the previous?

Jordan: We really wanted to find new ways to use smart contracts, so we came up an interesting utility.

The first drop is a total of 555 tokens. These tokens will populate one of 3 varying rarities. The rarities all provide different levels of rewards (you can find those rewards on the website). Additionally, if you are the original minter of these tokens and keep them with the original minting wallet address you will receive rewards for being loyal to the project. 

Finally, any rarity of the token can be traded directly for an egg (drop #2). 

We structured it like this because we will be minting the Drop #2 tokens for a higher price than drop #1, which means that if you own a drop #1 token, you immediately profit by getting in early. 

Drop #2 will be 5 Tribes of 1111 characters. All the characters will share the same traits but the base characters will change for each tribe, along with colours and terrain. 

Future drops will maintain the same unique ideation. 

Originally we wanted to develop a VR arcade game. Something that wouldn’t need a lengthy commitment to play. As the NFT space has progressed we have decided that we will definitely provide a VR/AR solution of some kind, but we don’t want to commit to a concept that might be dated by the time it launches. We have decided to wait to see how technology progresses and finalize the VR/AR deliverables after Drop #2 (the 5 tribes). 

We will be providing a very elaborate metaverse world across 5 plots of land and in collaboration with 2 other projects. We are enthusiastic about the mini games and tournaments that we can offer across all 5 plots which will provide a venue unique only to our project. 

Interviewer: Last but not least, we have read about the founder on the webpage. Who else is on the team and what do they bring to the table for NKD EYE NFT?

Jordan: On the team we have 4 3D modellers and a developer. The artists are extremely talented and are very passionate about the game aspect of our project. The developer has spent years working in the crypto space and knows how to flex his mind to come up with unique solutions to challenges that I throw at him. We are continually adding new members of the team, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we hit 10 team members by end of Q1 2022. I encourage anyone who feels that they can provide innovative ideas to contact me directly. 

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