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Our Collabs

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Ray Gun:


Gorilla on season 10







Filled with powers unknown to humans, the staff carries some unique properties so HODL.

Gas Can & Matches:


When opportunity meets preparation, this combination will surely get you fired up.

PUMP Shirt:

Make meme coins great again. Need we say more?


Hi-tek Superpuff:

Designed for comfort and warmth in extreme temperatures, this jacket can also be deployed as shield in a lethal situation. 


Energy Drink Jetpack:


Fuldborgs can't help but steal shiny items. After collecting hundreds of cans, the tribes began building jetpacks. 

Gumball Minigun:

Safe when chewed, these gumballs have explosive properties that engage when they are hurdled at extreme velocities.  It's best to stay out of the line of fire. 



Sno Demons are rad little creatures. They've shared their hoverboard technology with the tribes and challenged them to hoverboard races!


This cross-body asset allows you to hold items ready to be tested by the R&D department but the tribes seem to just want to carry beer cans.

Nuclear Fuel Can:

Used to power specific vehicles and equipment, this will definitely be of value to adrenaline junkies.


Organic Matter Vaporizer:

This device can vaporize various different species of organic matter for inhalation which provides temporary unique abilities.

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