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A Virtual Concept With Physical Rewards

The Goal:

This project is about pushing new boundaries for how NFTs can be used and to show that the value can be far more than simply the rights to a file. A hand selected team of marketers, developers, and designers to bring you a project that people can't stop talking about.


It's about The Community.

Unlike many projects, there will be no rarity rating on characters provided by the PRJKT. We want you here because you believe in the project and love the art. It's important to us that the community decides which unique items they like the most and which collection of characters they want to identify with!

Mobile Phone





We have all seen the trend evolve of projects appearing on the market to try and turn a short term profit. Our strength is a long term vision and a strong community. We want to see you holding our NFTs 50 years from now, with the same passion as today.

The NFT space will evolve over time and so will this project. Consistent evolution and community awareness will keep this project from fading away - so don't get too comfortable!

Nothing about this project will be a shortcut. Quality, Trust, and Innovation are the 3 main values of this project and every drop, giveaway, and physical product must apply to those values or it will not proceed from ideation.

Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 11.53.02 AM.png

Drop #1

Qty: 500

Price: X.XXX ETH


Token will be the ERC-721 Planet.


The planet will have no utility but as a holder you will be airdropped a token which which will give you a number of options, including revealing a limited item later in the project.


After Drop#3, and once there are only 25 Drop #1 holders remaining, holders will have an opportunity to claim a 1 oz Pure Gold Coin that the PRJKT will mail directly to the holder (~$2,000 USD).

Holders will likely have the option to trade for any future drop NFT in the PRJKT.

Surprise gifts for holders.


Early Access to mint all future drops as long as you hold the airdrop.


Holders of the planet will have access to members only chatroom on discord.

  • 2.5% of initial sales go to providing clean water in Africa.

  • 97.5% of Drop #1 profit re-invested into the project

  • 25 NFTs will be held by NKD EYE to reward those who actively market and participate on discord. 

  • First drop price is X.XXX ETH and no future drop will be lower priced. This is our thank-you for early backing.

Drop #2 

Qty: 10,000

Price: TBD


Unique Tribes of 1/1 characters

Unique eggs will be available for minting. Each egg will reveal a character of that specific tribe.

A lore will be provided for each egg and its tribe.


Choose carefully as your tribe may determine the kinds of rewards you are offered...


Holder with the highest purchase price will be chosen to collaborate and help design Drop #4 as well as recieve a 1/1 NFT character as a reward - Details to come.

Surprise gifts for holders.


Holders will gain access to the first set of levels of the arcade game. 

Holders will have access to members only chatroom on discord.

  • 2.5% of initial sales go to support mental health and suicide prevention.

  • 100 NFTs will be held as giveaway items.

Drop #3

Qty: TBD

Price: TBD


Space Suits and NKD Astros


One holder who has purchased a Drop #3 character above 5 ETH will be randomly selected to help create a comic book based on their own character. The comic book will be airdropped to 500 random Drop #3 Holders and an ETH reward for the holder who helped with the comic.

Surprise gifts for holders.


Holders will gain access to the second set of levels of the arcade game. 

Holders will have access to members only chatroom on discord.

Possible Future Rewards & Ideas

  • We will provide surprise rewards to holders such as ETH, merch, exclusive events, and travel. As the project continues to grow, so will the surprise rewards!

  • We will work with unique artists to produce 1 of 1 items that will be randomly given to someone who holds a PROJKT NFT ($10,000+ value)

  • If requested by the owner, we will create merch for any NFT that has sold above 99ETH and the current owner of the NFT will receive a portion of net profit from the sales until they sell the Token below 99ETH. (Not including Drop #1).

  • Once all arcade games and levels are available, anyone who beats the games will be admitted to VIP club status. 

  • Long term vision to be part of other project's metaverses and invest in collaboration and development of those rather than trying to compete with our own metaverse. We believe this will provide greater utility for holders.

    *We can't do it all, so rewards may change or be removed as the project evolves and technology progresses. If we find a unique opportunity for you that is not on this list, we may consider offering that to the community instead. Our commitment to you is to be transparent. Follow us on discord to keep up to date and join the conversation.

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